»Zwei Seelen schlagen, ach! in meiner Brust ...«

Two souls dwell, ah! in my breast ...
On the left hand, the clear voice of reason, the critical eye and responsibility.
On the right hand, the spirit of discovery, the desire for adventure and the longing for the new.

In this dichotomous spirit, BrassFonts designs and distributes high-quality fonts and typeface families between experiment, display and text.

In addition, Guido Schneider designs sophisticated custom fonts, character-building corporate typefaces families, effective campaign fonts and logotypes for clients from a wide range of industries and with a wide variety of objectives.

The end result is always a typeface that conveys more than just the content of the text!

BrassFonts is the typefoundry of designer Guido Schneider.
Originally founded in 1996 by Guido Schneider, Hartmut Schaarschmidt, Rene Tillmann and Rolf Zaremba, BrassFonts has strived from the beginning to offer aesthetically high-quality and independent alternatives to the typographic monotony. (It’s worth taking a look at the archive!)
In addition to the four founders, other typeface designers have contributed to BrassFonts’ rich library. The spectrum ranged from experimental, thematic display fonts to comprehensive typeface families for reading text and corporate design applications.

In the meantime, the foundry’s offer is limited to the designs of Guido Schneider.

BFGS BrassFonts Guido Schneider

As a designer and freelance art director, Guido Schneider lives and works in Brauweiler near Cologne, primarily in the areas of corporate design development, logo design, type design and design consulting.

Teaching – Talks – Workshops

2009–today ..... Lecturer/teacher for typography and type design at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences (Krefeld)

2009–2010 ....... Seminars at the KISD – Köln International School of Design (Cologne)

2008–2012 ....... Lecturer/teacher for typography at Ruhrakademie (Schwerte)

2020 .................... Semester project »Audiovisual promotion clip for selected typefaces from BrassFonts« at AMD Akademie Mode & Design

2019 .................... Lecture and workshop »Typeface Design« at the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

2019 .................... Talk »Form/Language/Typeface/Sound« as part of the LunchTalks at Inform GmbH

2018 .................... Talk at Typotage Leipzig »Mit Schrift ins Fernsehen«  → Watch talk on YouTube

Awards – Publications

Guido Schneider’s work and designs have received various awards, including the RedDot Award, ADC (Art Directors Club), CO&CO Selected, BOB (Best of Business-to-Business) and »Designpreis der Commerzbank und des Museums für angewandte Kunst Köln«.

Furthermore, his work has been published in numerous design and typography books and magazines.

TYPODARIUM 2024 – The Daily Dose of Typography
Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz
Typefaces: BF Garant Pro/PE

YEARBOOK OF TYPE #6 – Movie Edition
Slanted Publishers
Typeface: BF Garant Pro/PE

YEARBOOK OF TYPE #4 – Fancy Edition
Slanted Publishers
Typeface: BF Rotwang Pro

Slanted Publishers
Typeface: BF Konkret Grotesk Pro

TYPODARIUM 2014 – The Daily Dose of Typography
Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz
Typefaces: BF Girando Pro

TYPO LYRICS – The Sound of Fonts
Birkhäuser Verlag
Typeface: BF Fiona Slab

TYPODARIUM 2010 – The Daily Dose of Typography
Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz
Typefaces: BF Fiona, BF Girando, BF Corpa Gothic & Serif

TYPOTON – Schrift im Radio (Initiator: Nicole Fally)
Interview and Portrait

Agentur 12ender & Feierabend Unique Books Verlag – Pages 352-354

Agentur 12ender & Feierabend Unique Books Verlag – Pages 186-187, 340, 409

Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz – Page 250

SPATIUM – Magazin für Typografie
Typosition. Botschaft für Typografie & Gestaltung – Pages 9/10

POSTSCRIPT – Zur Form von Schrift heute
Verlag HantjeCantz – Pages 124/125

Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz – Pages 34/35

Hearst Books International – Pages 28/29, 112/113, 114/115

Internationales Jahrbuch Kommunikations-Design (RedDot Award)
Verlag form GmbH – Page 50