From the beginning, BrassFonts defined itself as an independent foundry, as a stylistic corrective.
In this spirit, many unique, experimental typefaces have been created, whose form has always followed a content-related idea.

Even if they seem a little out of date today, one can say: Good things remain!

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An experimental homage to a great type design teacher.

Glamour, Future & Tragedy

Corpa Serif

The slab serif variant of the popular, characterful and condensed BF Corpa Gothic

Stylish & Technical Slabs!

Solo Sans

A constructed sans serif with intuitive details and forms!

Solo & discreet but not shy!


Brutal and bulky round blockbuster.

Style from a Brick Wall


Hybrid design of traditional serif typefaces and geometric, rounded sans serifs.

Grafite Café & Burger


Compact styled slab serif, inspired by wood types as well as historical metal letters in industrial facilities and machine plaques.

Große gelbe Quadrate


An experimental interpretation of Bodoni’s works.

Nobody is as Sexy as You!


Decorative. Constructed. Ornamental. Contradictory.

Eastern Blockbuster


Typographic experiment with a view to reduction and legibility

=Can you read me …!?


If fat seems thin and skinny is too fat ...

One Apple per Day!